Youngevity Go Foods

Youngevity Go-Foods Nourishing Lives Daily

Have you been searching for great-tasting, wholesome foods that allow you to conserve some cash? Youngevity Go Foods brand name supplies are simple-to-prepare food and your whole household will delight in its great taste “Bon appetite”!

Meals In Minutes

Just tear off the top of the pouch, pour the contents into a pot with the recommended amount of water, heat and stir, and then serve and delight in. In 15 minutes or less you’ll have a scrumptious and healthy meal that pleases any cravings or taste. I have personally eaten several different meals and food products and have found all of them to be very good tasting. The only issue that I can see is that some of the foods have a high sodium content. This must be part of the preservative process. The Babs pancakes are my favorite. Babs pancakes taste better then most in the marketplace and at a lower price. I have eaten them many times. Youngevity Go Foods products have some for your children.

Youngevity Go Foods

Youngevity Go Foods – Babs Pancakes

Storability And Share-ability

GOFoods meals are scrumptious and healthy and can be stored for up to 25 years without losing their nutritional worth! They’re dehydrated so they’re lightweight and compact. Serve a GOFoods meal to obtain to understand your next-door neighbors, celebrate with friends and family, or take it with you to-go for just about any occasion.

The Nutriversal Seal ™ Of Pledge

In addition to our amazing quality and astonishing variety, our GOFoods brand name has the “Gold Standard” in quality foods needs. When you see the Nutriversal Seal (TM) you can feel confident that our items satisfy the most rigid standards and quality requirements in the food market. Make Youngevity Go Foods one of your every day meals or save for the next emergency.

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