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GoFoods has been noted as being a top of the line emergency food producer. Their products have a 25 year shelf life and consist of daily use, quick fix foods. GoFoods markets its products in the United States and Canada through thousands of IBO’s also known as Independent Business Owners. Each one of these IBO’s have their own company website through which they can offer the product to the general public. GOFoods has healthy and nutritious food that is very easy to prepare and can be eaten as a snack or combined with several products to serve up for a meal. All the products are storable for future needs or they can be used right away to make a tasty and healthy meal in times of need. The GoFoods products are easy to share with others and are great to take along for a camping trip.

A GoFoods Review Of Storage and Use

The products are uniquely packaged to make it easy to store the GoFoods meals for many years into the future. With a shelf life of 25 years it makes it easy to purchase a years supply at one time and then store away in case of an emergency. Some people buy product a little at a time and rotate and eat the meals so that the products are always at their freshest. Some people will just put everything into storage and not worry about freshness. According to the manufacturer which makes the products they say that the food taste as good 25 years later as if it was just made. The products hold their nutritional value and their taste. GoFoods entries, bakery goods products, snacks, breakfast and beverages are nutritious, free of MSG, GMO’s, trans fats, and hydrogenated oils. The unhealthy stuff to make these meals are just not what this company uses. They are very selective in their manufacturing process. The product line also includes items that are gluten-free, soy-free, irradiation free, lactose-free. Looking for vegetarian products? GoFoods has a line made just for the Vegetarian. Really anybody can eat them and probably fall in love with the taste. You never know,,, you may become a Vegetarian when you taste how good these meals are!

GoFoods manufactures their own food products therefore they have control over how the products are made. GoFoods feature the OU (Orthodox Union) Kosher certification, vegetarian, and carry the Nutriversal Seal of Approval. The Nutriversal seal is shown on all of the packages to indicate that the products have met the very high quality standards of this food service industry. You can rest assured that each package delivers the finest food available.

The GoFoods Foundation partners with charitable organizations around the world providing food in the areas of greatest need. The company gives back 10% to these organizations in the form of food. They donate one package of food for every ten packages of food purchased by consumers. The people who gets this food are at risk for hunger.

The last part of the GoFoods review will be taken up on a separate page.  The reason is because Gofoods has partnered with another company called Youngevity. Youngevity is a health, wellness and beauty products company. GoFoods makes a good fit because of the quality of the food and the vegetarian and gluten-free line of survival food. Visit our page on Youngevity and we review how the merging of these two companies will benefit both of them.

GoFoods Review Of The 25 Year Shelf Life

GoFoods Review Of The 25 Year Shelf Life


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  1. Brenda says:

    Are GoFoods glutenfree

    • yes they are Dr. Wallach’s GOFoods brought to you by Youngevity ®. Our products have no Trans Fats, no Hydrogenated Oil, and no added MSG. Our food products are: • Kosher • Vegetarian • Natural • Non-GMO • Irradiation Free • Made in USA • Quick-Fix • Date Stamped

  2. russ strong says:

    I need to know more

  3. barney says:

    are there any meat in your products , need to know are they antibiotic free and hormone free and steroid free, and greass fed ty

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