GOFoods Kits

       GOFoods Kits From 72 Hours to 1 Year Kits

GOFoods 72 Hour Emergency Kit

GOFoods Kit – 72 Hour Emergency Kit – $92.86

GOFoods 1 Month Supply

GOFoods 1 Month Supply $275.71

GOFoods 6 Month Supply

GOFoods 6 Month Supply $687.14

GOFoods1 Year Supply

GOFoods Kits - 1 Year Supply $2785.71

GoFoods Direct has many different packages to pick from. Starting with a 72 Hour Kit or a 3 day supply of food your ready to go in times of an emergency that is short-lived. All you need to do is add water. Pour contents of the bag into a container and add water. Then heat and serve.  For long-lived emergencies you have the larger packages. For a family of four the 1 Year Supply will last for 3 months. All you need is water and a fuel source to cook with.

GOFood Kits Are Getting Popular

Survival food is gaining in popularity as people see disasters and famine around the world. Cities are devastated and the food and water supply is gone in a matter of days. People start food riots when help comes. Many times the emergency food from governments get ransacked before it gets to the people who need it the most. Often gangs end up with this much-needed food. Food and water is more valuable than money. The people who control the food controls the people.

GOFoods has a 25 year shelf life which is the highest in the industry. Great tasting food that you can use for everyday meals. You do not have to wait for a disaster to enjoy GOFoods. I have personally tried the different foods available and I like most of them. The potato and chatter soup is one of my favorites. I could eat that almost every day and not get tired of eating it. Get a years supply and be ready for any major multi social disaster. The food will fit in your average closet where it will be out-of-the-way and out of sight. You may not want every one to know that you have a large supply of food because if a major disaster hit people will be coming to you for food.

I will end with this. Everyone needs a supply of GOFoods Kits.

7 comments on “GOFoods Kits
  1. Randy parker says:

    Would you send a sample of the food

  2. Jeff Bigelow says:

    I was a distributor. the food I opened yesterday (after 6 mos of storage) was full of weevils. Sad, no one to answer my calls or make this right. I little bit I did try was pretty good. I just hope my past customer did not have this experience as well…I will lose all credibility in my “Prepper Group”. This is a lesson in food rotation.

  3. Michael Scibetta says:

    How many people do you base your kits on?
    Like how many people would your 1 month kit feed?

  4. Orlando Monteagudo says:

    How can I get a sample or buy the GOFood Kits?

  5. Sheila says:

    tried to order and check out sample but could not find …… would like a small sample before investing

  6. Teighlor Melton says:

    Do you guys still have an affiliate program?

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