Global Food Shortage

Global food shortage is becoming obvious in numerous countries and we are just starting to see the signs here in the United States.

If you pay attention when getting food, you probably have seen some of the signs of this global food shortage but just not aware of it. Things are changing right before our eyes and have been going unnoticed by the average person. Here are the signs you need to pay attention to, rising prices, smaller containers and lower quality of food is just the start. Below we will look at this a little deeper.

Rising Prices - Global Food Shortage

Rising prices, increasing costs are the most likely and obvious signs. As food ends up being a lot more scarce, the costs are increasing on the remaining minimal food supply.

If you have been paying close attention to the sizes of the food containers in the grocery stores you will have observed that they are getting smaller and smaller in size. Food container dimensions are slowly diminishing around a broad range of foods in practically every type of packaged food products. Look for it the next time you go grocery shopping. I remember that when I got a half-gallon of ice cream it was a true half-gallon. Now the size is about 6 oz smaller and the price has gone up at the same time. The pound of coffee is now a 12 oz bag at the same price as what the pound of coffee use to sell at. The list goes on. Every where you look you will start to see the containers getting smaller and the price staying the same or going up.

A lot of food producers are turning to inferior quality of products. They choose the less costly active ingredients or fillers without informing the customer. One such item is coffee. Due to the increasing price of first class coffee beans a lot of coffee makers worldwide have actually turned to mixing the high quality beans with a lower quality of bean. The coffee producers have been covertly making use of the more affordable and less flavorful “robusta” coffee bean which has a shorter growing season and grows at a much lower altitude. This makes for a less flavorful coffee bean. The Arabica coffee bean is the most desired bean because of its great flavor and quality. In place of these beans a lower quality robusta bean is being used. What use to be in ground coffee bags a mix of 80% arabica and 20% robusta is now 60% Arabica and 40% robusta. The actual Arabica coffee beans have gone from a 16 oz bag to a 12 oz bag. The price is about the same so we are getting less coffee for our money.

Once again, this is not an isolated case but is happening across almost every line of food products. A small testing of products have shown that this is happening to ground meats, fruit juices, herbal tea, coffee, cereal and many other products. Is this a sign that there is a global food shortage starting to happen or is it just our imagination?

Global Food Shortage Is Here

If a food shortage is starting to happen I would like to be prepared for it. Having a food stash put away for a rainy day may not get you through an extended food shortage. The days of home garden will come back. Raising your own healthy fruits and vegetables will be commonplace like it was 50 years ago. This change over to the home garden will not happen over night. In the mean time you will need some emergency food to get you through the lean years when the price of food skyrocket and is hard to get. This is happening in many of the 3rd world countries right now. It is starting to show its ugly head in the United States but most people are not aware of it yet.

The growth of emergency food supply companies are sure to take off in the coming years. More and more people are stocking up their pantries and cellars with emergency food that have a long shelf life. A small percentage of the population is getting ready for this global food shortage.

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Global Food Shortage Is Coming

Global Food Shortage On The Rise – Are You Ready?


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